Crazy Night

The following may not mean much to many of you. But for me it was an experience of a lifetime. I just got back from a recording studio. Not only have I never been in a recording studio, it was a recording studio where a band was recording. Not only was a band recording, but it was Demon Hunter. The Clark brothers, also the guys behind Training For Utopia, were there. Not only that, but Bruce Fitzhugh from Living Sacrifice was there, recording his part for one of the songs from DH’s upcoming album. Not only that, but when we walked in, Bruce was actually doing his part. And, to top it off, Aaron Sprinkle was sitting at the controls. So, to sum up, I was standing in a recording studio with the Don and Ryan Clark, Bruce Fitzhugh, and Aaron Sprinkle, listening to Bruce do his part and getting to listen to DH’s new album–which, I think, is going to be their best record yet. You have to understand, my brother and I grew up listening to Tooth and Nail bands, and it was a big deal for us to see Brandon Ebel one time at TomFest in Stephenson, WA.

Anyway, just wanted to brag about that a little. (Ha, Jay!) I don’t think he reads this, but thanks to Tyson for making it happen.


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