7 thoughts on “How To Grow A Church in About Eight Steps

  1. All of the HOKEY gimmicks aside…
    I think we are seeing little or no growth in people hearing Orthodox preaching (LCMS) simply because they aren’t being invited to church.
    I am not against seeing the numbers in both of my Vicarage congregations increasing (because they have)… I am against people trying to TRICK people into coming.
    When I invite people to come, it is with the understanding they will not be tricked.
    When you are in one of my congregations on a Sunday or Wednesday service, it is to receive the Word of God…
    Law and Gospel will be rightly divided and preached.
    so on and so on…


  2. The other reason why people do not invite others to their church is that inviting someone to your church is not considered a good evangelism tactic. Most evangelism seminars and Sunday School classes never mention inviting the person that you are sharing the gospel with, to your church.

  3. Your sermon may technically be orthodox, but it doesn’t mean you’re preaching Scripture. I’ve heard lots of orthodox Lutheran sermons that had little to do with the text at hand and instead were either listing the sacraments or quoting liberally from the catechism.

  4. fearsomepirate,

    You have heard bad preaching before? Weird. You must be the only person ever. LOL!
    Just a note, if the sermon is guilty of what you accuse it of being, it is neither orthodox nor Lutheran. (A Lutheran preacher claiming to be orthodox does NOT an orthodox Lutheran sermon make.) Timotheos is right too. “Just cuz it mentions scripture, don’t make it a biblical sermon.”
    Remember, it is not the message’s vessel, it is the giver of the message, lest we fall into the Roman error on the view of the office.
    Have a nice day and thanks for the heads up.


  5. As long as we don’t forget that it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to grow the church.

    We can do lots of things to bring people to church, but the Holy Spirit will still direct the faith to churches that teach and worship properly.

    So, which group of these two groups of people do we want to see growing our churches?

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