“They Won’t Know What Hit Them”

You may think that last year’s mid-term election was a referendum on the war in Iraq. You may think that Rick Santorum lost because he supported the President. There may be truth to both of those. However, there is something much more distressing underlying conservative defeats in some national and many state political races. You might call it “lavender money.” It comes from extremely wealthy homosexuals such as Tim Gill in Colorado. Joshua Green writes in the March 2007 issue of The Atlantic:

A tough loss can be hard to swallow, and plenty of defeated politicians have been known to grumble about sinister conspiracies. When they are rising stars like Danny Carroll, the Republican speaker pro tempore of Iowa’s House of Representatives, and the loss is unexpected, the urge to blame unseen forces can be even stronger–and in Carroll’s case, it would have the additional distinction of being justified. …

Over the summer, Carroll’s opponent started receiving checks from across the country–significant sums for a statehouse race, though none so large as to arouse suspicion (the gifts topped out at $1000). Because they came from individuals and not from organizations, nothing identified the money as being “gay,” or even coordinated. Only a very astute political operative would have spotted the unusual number of out-of-state donors and pondered their interest in an obscure midwestern race. And only someone truly versed in the world of gay causes would have noticed a $1000 contribution from Denver, Colorado, and been aware that its source, Tim Gill, is the contry’s biggest gay donor, and the nexus of an agressive new force in national politics.

These homosexual donors are interested in state races in order to stop “antigay” politicians before they reach the level of Rick Santorum–enemy #1. “Operating at that level,” Green writes, “gave them a chance to ‘punish the wicked,’ as Gill puts it–to snuff out rising politicians who were building their careers on antigay policies, before they could achieve national influence.” They fancy themselves the Hammer of God to crush dissenters to the homosexual cause of full acceptance.

This is not–or at least was not–an open attack. It’s all about stealth. “Revealing targets only after an election makes it impossible to fight back and sends a message to other politicians that attacking gays could put them in the crosshairs.” Shut up or we will silence you.

What were the results of these good vs. evil confrontations? According to Green,

In the 2006 elections, on a level where a few thousand dollars can decide a close race, Gill’s universe of donors injected more than $3 million, providing in some cases more than 20 percent of a candidate’s or organization’s budget. On Election Day, fifty of the seventy targeted candidates were defeated, Danny Carroll among them; and out of the thirteen states where Gill and his allies invested, four–Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Washington–saw control of at least one legislative chamber switch to the Democratic Party.

They will not be satisfied until they have their way. What do they have that those who oppose the radical homosexual agenda do not have? Patience. Conservatives so often seem impatient in politics, as if it were an all or nothing proposition. Small gains are not enough; we want everything now. Is it not apparent by now that the radical left will wait us out? They’re not going anywhere. Are we?

“You have to create an atmosphere of fear and respect,” said [Gill’s political counselor, Ted] Trimpa, “and set up the proper context for them to do the right thing.”

The tried-and-true fear tactic. If you do not bow to the homosexuals, they will cut you down. They know what is “right;” you will obey. Now politics often works this way: if we put you in office and you do not do what we want, we will vote you out again. This is different. This is an attempt to create a pink monolith in state and, eventually, national government. You can run, but you can’t hide.

But for now, Gill and his friends are going after state races: “You hope that the forces of darkness [!] will be the ones distracted by the shiny bauble of the presidency,” Gill said.

Forces of darkness? Punishing the wicked? Come now, surely they haven’t started believing in a morality as absolute as all that? But of course they’ve always been as absolute about their cause as any raving, fire-and-brimstone fundamentalist. If you’re not on their side, you’re on the devil’s side.

If this article is correct in its conclusions, and if you care about this world–even in its temporary state–you had better believe that involvement in politics is not unnecessary. Do not be lulled to sleep by recent wins on homosexual “marriage.” As Joshua Green’s article shows, the other side is just getting started. Will we who care about marriage and the family in this country take the challenge seriously? Yes, the world will end one day. But how long will Jesus tarry? “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8 )


2 thoughts on ““They Won’t Know What Hit Them”

  1. Excellent post, you pinpointed the truth about conservatives. Because many of us do it for God, we feel that small gains are compromising, and won’t ‘settle’ for them. Meanwhile, the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ tactics of Tim Gill are making our nation hostile to traditonal marriage, against the will of the people.
    This is how abortion was legalized, while good men slept at the wheel. Have we learned nothing?!

  2. the christian community needs to rally! keep up these blogs, literature, books, t.v. shows, radio, whatever to support our politicians, issues, and keep the light shining on people like tim gill, and similar people and agendas!!

    absolutely, while there are many issues that are ungodly, it is amazing how volatile and ferocious the homosexual community is for its rights…they go to any length, re-interpreting the Bible, putting millions in political races, school referendums, whatever, to push their ungodly lifestyle into the mainstream of our Christian culture and country. we need to continue to simply call it for what it is…sin, and not back down.

    all the screaming and money in the world can’t change the facts that God and the Holy Spirit clearly call it wrong. they are in disobedience to God, and there will be consequences for them. saying nothing is not love…who wants them to perish in sin? my prayer is that every one will turn from their wicked ways and get to know the beautiful Lord and Saviour who only wants the best for them!

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