The Cult of Separation

Daniel P. McGinley writes in the Washington Times,

I know I am supposed to love my neighbor, but the Rev. Barry Lynn sure makes it hard. And so does everyone like him who continuously lies about some impending theocratic-right-wing-Christian takeover of the government. Not a single, legitimate Christian group wants to establish a theocracy in this country — not one. Yet the Reverend and his cohorts continue to cry wolf and the media all too readily provides them a platform. …

During a recent discussion on National Public Radio (the Cult’s official station), Mr. Lynn warned that Christians are trying to “convert [their] theological beliefs into legislative fiats.” That sounds ominous doesn’t it? Hardly. The Reverend’s “warning” is nothing more than his disappointment that Christians actually participate in the democratic processes of this nation.

Furthermore, the Reverend is not warning about the legislative fiat of mandatory church attendance, tithing, forced belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior, or something that is really of a theological nature. He is talking about abortion, the Cult’s most sacred sacrament. Abortion, as everyone knows, was forced upon every community in this country by judicial fiat. But the Reverend does not seem too worried about that type of fiat. …

Mr. Lynn unsurprisingly sees no problem with his Cult being entangled with the government. After all, its charter members, the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, both receive government monies. Of course, they are anti-religious, so that makes it “constitutional.”

I commend to you the entire piece.


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