Throw Another Farce on the Ol’ Choppin’ Block

Just do it already!  Quit the half-hearted measures and go all the way.  Why doesn’t the ELCA just do what we all know is inevitable and go the way of the oldline denominational dinosaurs?  Does it really mean anything at all to defrock a pastor for having an openly homosexual relationship, while at the same time hoping that they won’t have to follow through?

In its 14-page opinion, the committee said a narrow majority of its members felt “compelled” to remove Schmeling under the church’s current standards for clergy. But it said it was “nearly unanimous” that the rules “are at least bad policy, and may very well violate the constitution and bylaws of this church.”

If you’re in the ELCA and opposed to non-chaste homosexual pastors, I’d be interested to know whether you really think you’re going to be able to turn this tide?  To say the least, I’m not optimistic.

According to the story,

“I feel hopeful that things aren’t over,” [“Pastor” Bradley] Schmeling said yesterday after the verdict was announced. “All I can do is keep doing what I’ve been doing, which is be the best pastor I can be and tell my own story with honesty and integrity.”

Maybe that’s part of the problem.  You’re so interested in telling your story, you forgot Whose story you were supposed to be telling.  Unfortunately it’s necessary to say, that story does not sanction homogenital relationships.  There is no Scriptural room for it; all that’s left is some vague “gospel” that has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with You. 

I have nothing against the faithful pastors and people of the ELCA.  They’ve been fighting against the secularist, pagan, politically correct agenda for a long time.  After all, the Titanic can only stay afloat for so long.  “Taking on water, going down fast…”


2 thoughts on “Throw Another Farce on the Ol’ Choppin’ Block

  1. We were members of the ELCA all our lives until 2005 when we moved. In our new area, we looked at ELCA churches and they were more liberal than where we came from. We found a very confessional LC-MS church and a very knowledgeable pastor. This church and pastor is nothing like we ever seen in the ELCA, we are very glad to be in this church.

  2. harry160: Same thing happend to me in 1994 when I left the ELCA for the LCMS.

    Tim: Chaste or not… they have no place in the ministry.

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