Follow the Trail of Death

There was lots of talk in Missouri last year about Constitutional Amendment 2, which amended the state constitution so that embryonic stem cell research could never be outlawed in the state.  (If you remember, it takes a simple majority to amend the constitution, but a 2/3 majority to un-amend it.)  There’s always lots of shrill talk and name-calling over embryonic stem cells even though nothing has come of the research–whereas many treatments have come from adult stem cell research.  (See more here and here.)  Can anyone tell me why the people who are supposedly so concerned about cures never bring up that fact? 

Or why no one is at all excited that stem cells that are virtually the same as embryonic stem cells can be extracted from the placenta or amniotic fluid?  Michael Fumento takes them to task here.  I’m inclined to be cynical about their motives, but Planned ——hood, NARAL, and their unlimited abortion-rights ilk will do that to you. 



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