Would You Sing That if Jesus Was in the Room With You?

My mom used to ask me whether I would watch a particular movie if Jesus was in the room with me. “He is, you know.” (Still not a bad question to ask ourselves at various points in our lives.) Theocon (via Lutheran Carnival) adjusts the question a little: would you sing that song if Jesus was in the room? No, he’s not talking about the latest Gwen Stefani. He’s talking about any given “contemporary” worship song. (“Contemporary” is a weird, weaselly word; if it’s being sung “now,” it’s contemporary. Or did I miss the point?)

In his own words:

Is this bad? No I wouldn’t say that, but can you even imagine standing in front of our Lord Jesus Christ and singing this little ditty to him. “Oh Jesus, God in flesh, you satisfy me???” “Your more than enough?????” Why do Christians hammer out these wishy-washy feel good songs that noone would ever actually sing to our God in His presence? Are we not always in His presence?


Next time you’re singing a song (though you can’t actually hear yourself singing because the band is too loud), ask yourself if you would be willing to stand before the holy God and sing it.



Edward Oaks, S.J., writes this (the whole thing is worth reading): “All I can say is this: We live in strange times when I find greater doctrinal fellowship among many Protestants than I do among far too many Catholic theologians!”

Funny, I say the reverse from time to time.

Ah, good old ecumenism!


Surprise, Surprise

Joe Biden doesn’t get it, does he? As Laura Ingraham put it today, this is the shortest presidential campaign that ever wasn’t. Biden said of Barack Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” What a ridiculous thing to say. Obama is the “first.” That means no African-American prior to Obama was “mainstream,” “articulate,” “bright,” “clean[!?],” or “nice-looking[??!!].”

Do you have your concession speech ready for next week, Joe?

A much deeper analysis of Biden’s words can be found here.