More on Jan. 22-Blogging for Life

So, they’re “blogging for choice,” whatever that means. What do you have to do? Tell everyone why you’re “pro-choice,” which, when not covered by a euphemism, means “pro-death-of-babies-for-whatever-reason-I-see-fit-like-my-clothes-won’t-fit-anymore.”

I’d be interested in why you’re pro-life, if you are.

Why am I pro-life? The first time I remember thinking about abortion was when I saw a newspaper article for the March for Life in Olympia. I asked my mother (you can thank yours tomorrow for allowing you to live) what it was about and she said it was a march against killing babies. Well, naturally, I didn’t think killing babies was a very good idea. The short version is, I still don’t. Incidentally, don’t you think it’s great that all these women are getting worked up about being able to pass down the right to murder to the children they’ll never have? Hey, don’t worry about Roe vs. Wade getting struck down! Your children won’t be here to see it! (You killed them, remember?) The real issue is not women having choices; it’s not having to face the consequences (prison) of those choices. You’ve got the choice not to have sex with someone you don’t want to raise a child with. You’ve got the choice to kill your child and face the consequences of that action. You’ve got the choice to live with yourself. You just don’t want to be held accountable.

If you regret your abortion, do not take the above paragraph to heart. The mercy of God in Jesus Christ is big enough to cover all your sins.

Tomorrow is a black day in American history, and, God willing, my generation will live to see Roe vs. Wade struck down, just like slavery. The pro-death forces are right about one thing: this is the biggest fight of our time. If you read this, counter the anti-child blogs with a post of your own.

I commend to you the blogs RealChoice and After Abortion. RealChoice is especially poignant with posts on women who have died from abortions or attempted abortions, both illegal and legal.

And, for humor, there’s nothing like BlameBush!