What To Do on Jan. 22?

81892074v4_150×150_front.jpgWell, if you’re at the Ohio State University, you can go to a Roe vs. Wade party, sponsored by, you guessed it!, “Voices for Planned [Childlessness].” (You know, I tried, but I just can’t call it “parenthood.”)

Or you could buy this video for only $89.

Or you could “celebrate Roe vs. Wade” with The Wrens and Takka Takka.

I wonder if they’d let me in with my “Abortion is Homicide” shirt…?

Apparently, these Jewish rabbis will be there.

So will the Democrats.

But what can I not find? Anything that pro-life people are doing in St. Louis, other than a Mass at the Cathedral Basilica. Perhaps the only appropriate response is silence.


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