“A Killing Field”

Killing Fields VictimsApparently Ghana is pre-1973 America. Compare: [The headline:] “Thousands of women in Ghana are seeking dangerous, illegal abortions every year with many ending in death or disability.” With this: [from the article:] “Ignorance and greed are the main reasons illegal abortion thrives, he said. No-one knows the exact figures. Statistics are rare in Ghana.” Oh really? Then where did the article get the statistic in the headline? But the BBC can’t help but give us the real reason behind “so many” illegal abortions: “The criminalisation of abortion along with traditional values, social perceptions and religious teachings have created a crisis in Ghana.” Yeah, that’s what I would have guessed.

What’s the substance of the article? Emotional appeals to the plight of women who performed abortions on themselves. They do know how babies are made, don’t they? But oh no, no, we can’t tell them not to have sex! That’s a fundamental human right! Just like abortion.

Ah, but who’s the sympathetic voice they get for their story? “Gynaecologist Dr Joe Taylor – an advisor on reproductive health to the government – often treats women after botched abortions.” He says,

“I’ve seen many, many, women dying and what is most tragic is that those who don’t die suffer disabilities that are life-long and painful,” he said.

“Abortion is carried out in this clandestine and dangerous way because most people perceive it to be criminal and illegal.”

You can be sure that this guy cares about the women, right? Well…

“I often say the female pelvis is a goldmine. And if you’re a miner you can make big money,” Dr Taylor concluded.

My thoughts exactly. What a guy.

And across most of Africa, where it has been estimated that four million females a year undergo unsafe abortions, 30,000 of them die as a result.

One expert has called abortion “a killing field”.

What an appropriate description. Though not, I suspect, in the way that the “expert” meant it.



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