Christmas Music

As far from the banality of Christmas Muzak as one gets, I recommend some good Christmas music to have on hand. I’ve done this previously, but I’ve got some new ones to add.

Good Christmas music cds are few and far between so get these!

1. Over the Rhine, The Darkest Night of the Year

2. Bruce Cockburn, Christmas

3. Various, The Gift (this one might be hard to find, but it’s got Harrod and Funck and Vigilantes of Love)

4. Joy Electric, The Magic of Christmas (not for everyone!)

And two I’m currently awaiting in the mail:

1. Over the Rhine, Snow Angels

2. Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas (42 of ’em!)

And one I haven’t ordered, but should:

1. Bill Mallonee, Yonder Shines the Infant Light

And my favorite sacred music cd:

1. The Messiah

Merry Christmass!



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