“An International Joke”

That’s Sea-Tac Airport, where I will be landing in a couple weeks. I’m kind of a black-and-white guy anyway, but it seems to me that either it’s right to have the (holiday) trees there or it’s not. With Sea-Tac it’s a both/and. When someone complains, it’s wrong. When they withdraw their threat of a lawsuit, it’s right. What?

It’s all kind of stupid anyway. Does it really impinge on Christmas if they have them or not? It seems that a lot of the people complaining about the decision to take the trees down couldn’t care less about the Word that comes before “-mas(s)” in whatever holiday it is that falls on Dec. 25. It’s all a pathetic desire for some good feeling associated with childhood traditions or whatever. I say, why not get rid of everything connected with Christmas in the public square, and let the churches do their job?

On the other hand…I think it’s interesting, at least, that stores can’t help but proclaim the birth of the Christ, no matter how insipid most of the music is. I mean, Beyonce? C’mon. So even though most Christmas music (that starts on Thanksgiving, no less) represents only the remnants of some childhood “magic,” the words, and the Word, remain.


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