“Lutherans” in the News, etc.

It’s always a little surprising (and gratifying) to see Lutherans referenced in the news.  At least until you realize that it is hardly ever good news, and that it is rarely the LCMS.  Almost always, it is the ELCA that finds itself in the news, usually associated with whatever agenda is popular among dead-line Protestants.  This is no exception.

There’s really not a whole lot to say about the article other than it is the sort of thing a church body speaks about when it has lost the plot.  In this respect, in many ways the LCMS is no different.  While the LCMS provides a place for people who hold tightly to the Lutheran Confessions, it provides a place for a whole lot of other people, too.  It provides a place for people who use all the right words but use them to conceal a wide range of crypto-Fundamentalist, crypto-Pentecostal, and pseudo-Lutheran ideas.  It’s enough to make you run for Rome.  Well, almost enough.  Because if you think that the grass is greener over there (or anywhere else, for that matter), you better check again.  Weeds grow in every field, and the bigger the field, the more room for weeds. 

Where was I going with this?  I don’t know, except to say that (1) News about Lutherans is not necessarily news about Lutherans; and (2) there is still green grass in the LCMS.


One thought on ““Lutherans” in the News, etc.

  1. This is why, when I speak to most non-LCMS people religion I label myself as a Confessional Christian, or Confessional Protestant.

    It is very hard to explain the differences to people that already have a preconcieved idea about this. Try explaining to a non-Lutheran that I am a Lutheran, but not one of “those” Lutherans. It makes me sound like some kind of a nut.

    It is much easier to have an open conversation about what is meant by a less understood such as “confessional”.

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