Is the Battle Lost?

Pr. Kinnaman, at Blog My Soul, wrote:

Morally and ethically, what kind of society will we have when we no longer protect our most vulnerable members? What do we become when we are willing to protect those who in the name of preserving or enhancing life are willing to destroy life?

That’s the question, and the results are not fully in, but early exit polls show the culture of death ahead by a large margin. We could argue whether embryos or fetuses are the most vulnerable, but I think we long ago crossed the line that kept us from exploiting the vulnerable for selfish ends. Pr. Kinnaman’s comment reminds me that abortion on demand has brought about a society that sees nothing morally wrong with producing human embryos for experimentation. Far from it, they see the experimentation as a moral duty. The debate over embryonic stem cell research is only the symptom of the cancer that’s been metastasizing for thirty years+.

I will put signs up, get bumper stickers, vote on Nov. 7–but I will not expect to be on the winning side on Nov. 8. The supporters of this amendment know what is at stake: this is an amendment to the Missouri Constitution. It takes a simple majority to add this legislation in; it takes a two-thirds majority to take it out.

Let me make a confession: I’ve had a terrible road rage lately. And it’s not because someone cut me off or won’t get out of the fast lane (although those things are annoying). It’s the bumper stickers and signs that I see on the road advising me to vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 2. I had to park next to one yesterday. (Okay, so my Old Adam has not been drowned completely.) But here’s my question. What is to stop me (other than the fear of God and going to jail–two different things) from ramming that car into the guard rail, cutting open the person, taking his or her organs and giving them to someone who obviously needs them more? Or what if I want to play the Body Parts Robin Hood, go into a house with a bunch of those blue signs, and take from the rich (in body parts) to give to the poor (in body parts)? You don’t think that’s a good idea? What’s wrong with you? A true culture of life depends upon sacrifice. And, by the way, I’m going to make the sacrifice for you. You think, because you can tell me ‘no,’ that it makes a difference? Fine, if it will help, I’ll knock you unconscious first. All good, right? After Nov. 7, we can all say “Right.”


5 thoughts on “Is the Battle Lost?

  1. Yes. The battle for this world is lost.

    This whole abortion debate should not be a surprise to us. It is also not a new thing in context of human cultural development.

    It is very much evil, and we must continue to speak out against these evil things. Not for the sake of this condemned world, so much as for the sake of everyone passing through to the next.

  2. I’m not saying that the battle for this world is lost. That is not true, because the redemption of all creation has been accomplished in and by Jesus. However, the earthly battle for ethical behavior on the parts of those who have already lost respect for human life has largely been lost.


  3. Maybe we are thinking different contexts.

    In context of this world, Satan is the ruling Prince. Jesus saved humanity (at least those who do not reject Him), but Jesus did not save the physical world as we know it. When Jesus returns He will execute final judgement on this world, and it will end. At least this is how I have been taught…

  4. I was watching Brit Hume on FNC this evening, and in the course of talking about whether the D’s or R’s will win the House and/or Senate, Fred Barnes said that Amendment 2 in Missouri was “falling like a rock.” Have you any idea where he got that understanding? Do you suppose that the churches are finally having an impact with respect to “no” on Amendment 2?

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