10 thoughts on “New Hymnal

  1. Pastor Weedon has some comments on the LSB, most good.

    Your spam filter won’t let me post the links, but go to Weedon’s September archives and do a search with your browser for LSB.

    I won’t get my hands on it until the Columbus, OH LSB Workshop on Oct 14.

  2. I attended the workshop for the new hymnal in Grand Rapids. For the most part, I am excited. Our congregation will be discussing it over the next few months.

  3. We’ve used it once so far. It is getting good reviews here. It replaced the blue hymnal and the green suplement right away.

    But we still have the red hymnals,.. gonna take a bit for people here to finally let go of the red one.

    Our Kantor/Organist/Asst.Pastor had a hand in the music and in reviewing the hymns for this new hymnal. So it had a lot of support here from the start.

  4. I was impressed by the hymnal workshop in Grand Rapids. It was very well prepared to demonstrate the highlights of the new hymnal.

    I appreciate the return to easier four part harmonies and the combination of old and new.

  5. I also have reservations. I will miss Ecce Agnus among other hymns not found in the “new” hymnal. I am all for using it as an act of unity within LCMS if my congregation so decides, but I will want to keep the Red hymnal, sue me!

  6. We’ve got it (along with TLH) here at the chapel. One very good thing is the continuity between LSB and the previous hymnals, along with the return to some traditional phrasing in hymns, etc. You’ll never please everyone all of the time, but this is a darn good attempt. There will always be naysayers with every new thing, even if much of it is old. I say kudos to the hymnal committee for their long, hard work, and their straddling of the fine and difficult line between novelty and fossilization. I hope this hymnal will be the next in a long line of Lutheran liturgical and hymnic excellence, in spite of some bumps along the way.


  7. I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed. It’s good, but I think it could have been better. I like the *layout* of _This Far By Faith_ much better (more white space-easier to read), and I was hoping that this would be similar. Not a huge complaint, but somone needs to be a critic.

    I have three copies and a gift edition.

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