Jesus Told Us To

You may have heard about Georgetown University’s Protestant Ministry kicking out all outside Protestant groups. There’s a number of stories here. There seems to be some confusion about the reasoning behind the decision.

Campus Ministry officials, meanwhile, have repeatedly assured students and alumni that the new policies are meant to bolster the university’s Protestant ministry within campus and make it less dependent on outside groups. Critics have accused Georgetown, which is Catholic, of quashing religious freedom by limiting the number of groups Protestant students may join.

Is there a difference between making the campus ministry “less dependent on outside groups” and “quashing religious freedom”? I don’t really know, and I don’t attend Georgetown, so I can’t tell you.

I just like the letter sent by the campus chaplain, “Rev.” Constance C. Wheeler. The best part is this: “While we realize this comes as a great disappointment, please know we are moving forward with this decision only after much dialogue with the Lord. We have enjoyed working with your ministries in various capacities over the years and will always keep your ministry in our prayers.” Now get out!

My question? What exactly was Jesus’ half of the dialogue?


5 thoughts on “Jesus Told Us To

  1. An interesting precedent being set here.

    If Georgetown can ban groups that do not agree with their specific doctrine, then so can other colleges and groups.

    Think this one all the way through with respect to a variety of scenarios. Many pros and many cons to such a precedent.

  2. I’d be curious to know how welcome the Newman Center or Knights of Columbus would be on the average Protestant campus, especially if they had a reputation for aggressive evangelizing. Catholics don’t proselytize much, but we tend to be sensitive about Protestants doing it.

  3. But who seems to be the primary decision-maker here? The Catholic Georgetown officials? No, the female chaplain of the Protestant Ministry.


  4. Yes, it is interesting that this one Chaplain seems to be at the center. Convenient perhaps that now the only two choices on campus are Roman Catholic or her brand of Protestantism. I checked out their website and looked at her biography. I find it ironic that she is a member of the “diversity working group” on campus. This recent decision seems a little anti-diversity. I wonder if the Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, and Muslim campus ministries will suffer the same fate. It’s difficult to tell as of yet since their website still doesn’t reflect the 2006-07 school year.

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