“Faithful Democrats”

First of all, they either aren’t being faithful to the Democratic creed (“I believe that abortion must never be limited in any circumstance whatsoever, including twelve year-old girls, and in the right of homosexuals to do whatever they want, and that religion is only useful if it pushes a DNC agenda, so help me God/Allah/Nothing, Amen.”), or they aren’t being faithful to Christianity. Fine, you want to tell me that “Democrats can be Christians, too” and that “God is not a Republican or a Democrat,” go ahead. Good for you. You also are not being faithful to the DNC platform or to Christianity. Whatever it was that Republicans and Democrats historically stood for has long been glossed over and anesthetized by a politics of, well, politics.

Like I need a Democrat to point out to me that God is not a Republican or a Democrat–in an election year, no less. Come on, I can guarantee that the person who has that sticker on his/her Volvo will be telling you in the next breath what “Jesus” really stands for. Surprise, surprise, it sounds strangely like what that person believes.

I’m not going to disagree with you when you tell me that you’re a Democrat and you’re a Christian. But I will tell you this: you cannot serve two masters. You shall hate one and love the other. Which, of course, goes equally for Republicans.

By the way, my favorite part of this blog entry is this: “Through essays, blogs, comment threads, diaries, and a MySpace page, we will build a true community.” Ah yes, a true online community that never touches, never sees, never hears from its members. You try that, and let me know how it goes for you. “True community”! Nonsense. Worse: pathetic.