False Dichotomy

I am tired of hearing about “traditional” and “contemporary” worship. When did the church become such an enterprise which must categorize Christ’s work according to these terms?

When people ask me if I am “traditional” or “contemporary,” I like to respond, “I am a baptized child of God.” Of course, I go on to explain, but the intitial reaction is amusing.

5 thoughts on “False Dichotomy

  1. Well, probably because we like to categorize everything else. We get our pants in a bunch over what is and is not a sacrament as if we are Calvinists or Papists.

  2. Getting our pants in a bunch over these things is what caused us to “Reform” in the first place.

    But, really, traditional or contemporary have little meaning appart from true liturgical worship.

  3. As a person whom I call “friend” once said.
    There is not “traditional” or “contemporary” (or anything else for that matter). There is only FAITHFUL or UNFAITHFUL.
    Which are you? ANSWER: Read the confessions and it will become pretty self-evident.


  4. Young Kung Fu Master Michael: Yes, those are unfortunate distinctions (maybe false dichotomies). Today, Ludderans have to add ‘confessional’ – we should already be confessional; other qualifiers: UAC, pro-life, love lutefisk. 🙂

    So then do you advocate liturgical or non-liturgical worship, Pr. Michael? Is that a better question with less baggage?

    Tutal and Lawrence: It’s ‘panties’ not ‘pants’.

    The Terrible Swede
    (World ‘zine IT guys blocking Blogger!)

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