[Post #1000!] What Are We Now…

the ELCA or the Episcopalians? There’s no excuse for putting the weight of an official entity of the Missouri Synod behind public policy activity about which Christians can, in good conscience, disagree. It is not that Christians can disagree about being good stewards of the environment. Indeed, such stewardship is required of us by the first article of the Creed. However, what form that stewardship takes is not spelled out in the Scriptures in extensive detail.

It is ridiculous to suggest that not supporting Al Gore (who is likely to take credit for coining the term “global warming”) makes one a worse steward of God’s good creation. This is seriously out of line. See, the Left can coopt religious groups!

[See project details here. I’m not sure if this or this is the national organization. The latter is linked on the NOW Dist. site.]



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