4 thoughts on “Free Speech?

  1. There isn’t truly free speech in schools. Schools act as parents and can enact dress codes. Typically they ban obvious things like clothing that mentions or is connected with drugs and gangs. They also ban items that are considered disruptive.

    You know Tim, I don’t think you are really want public schools to be a 100% free speech zone (if so, go to http://www.aclu.org since they think that).

    I think you imply a good point though about what is allowed and not allowed and who is making those decisions.

  2. I agree with David on this one.

    Also, consider this, freedom only goes so far as one’s ability to defend it.

    Whoever is in power, the libs, the neocons, the secularists, they define by their power the freedoms which are allowed and which are not. And it routinely changes through history.

    The irony in this case, the liberals who normally defend free speach are the ones doing the thought policing against it.

  3. You’re right, David, I don’t want just anyone to be able to say anything. However, if homosexuals are allowed to parade their immorality under the guise of “tolerance,” then the same “tolerance” had better be extended to those who “bait” homosexuals.


  4. I’m agreeing with both of you on this too.

    As long as one is not swearing or threatening anybody, I think kids in school need to have the right and be taught the ability to express their opinions in civil fashion –whether or not they support the rights or rightness of homosexuals.

    Political correctness takes a good idea (like not using the N word because its offensive and hurtful) and turns it into a muzzle where you can’t speak your mind because it is not allowed.

    Instead of appealing to people’s better angels and encouraging them to treat others in accordance with the Golden Rule, people identified as “hateful” are silenced coercively. That’s antithetical to a free society.

    In a civil society, grievances must have an outlet or forum in which they are addressed impartially according to the law of the land. By silencing opinion, some lose their right to deal with their grievances civilly and this undermines our democratic institutions. A democratic society allows expression and addressing of even unpopular ideas –it may not ultimately support them, but they have a right to be heard in my opinion.

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