Hold On…

The posting will pick up again. Just finished my summer term, so I’ll be back on soon. I’m sure Michael’s busy with his parish.

While you’re waiting (in tense anticipation, I know), what’s the best album you’ve heard in the past six months?

I’m going with…(1) If it’s something I’d heard for the first time, it would be either Chris Staples’ “Blackest Hair, Bluest Eyes,” or Sufjan Stevens’ “Avalanche.” (2) Something I’ve listened to over and over again, it would be Jeffrey Foucault’s “Ghost Repeater.”



5 thoughts on “Hold On…

  1. I’m slow on picking up the sufjan albums, but I picked up “Illinois” about a month ago and love it. I also had lewis taylor’s “Stoned” album in my mind for quite a while.

  2. I just picked up the Lewis Taylor disc a couple of months ago. He’s a british guy with a soul/r&b/rock type thing going on. From the looks of it though, you’re more of a folk/acoustic type of listener. I must say I really like Beth Orton’s work, including her latest, which came out a few months ago.

  3. Recently I have been. I like thinking music, of any genre.

    But I like everything from hardcore to hip hop. Nodes of Ranvier’s second disc is great, and I’ve always liked Zao. The Tunnel Rats are good; Brainwash Projects should have continued, but Pigeon John is doing pretty well on his own.

    I haven’t listened much to Beth Orton.


  4. “Best” album often seems like a moving target for me, as I listen to things in cycles, but one album that’s getting a lot of play in my iPod right now is “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood” by Neko Case.

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