{No Title}

Couldn’t think of a title for this post about “Dog” the Bounty Hunter, but this section struck me as funny:

He also believes in forgiveness and sometimes prays with the men he has just captured and tells them to change their ways. But he added: “I don’t make that a habit because I ain’t no Jesus freak. I’m not an evangelist, I’m a bounty hunter.”

In fact, evangelical Christians find Dog a perplexing figure. “I know Christians get upset because I say ‘Freeze motherf***er!’ or whatever, but I told them that ‘Freeze in Jesus’s name!’ doesn’t work.”

Maybe it’s just a throwaway on Saturday morning.


2 thoughts on “{No Title}

  1. Dog does create a interesting dilemma, the show often shows Dog talking to criminals about God, and shows the “crew” praying before going out to track someone which of course are positive, but there is some foul language, and Dog and Beth have lived together outside of marriage for years, including having children.

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