MSNBC=Missin’ Brain Cells

See if you can spot the number of hilarities in this piece of “news.”

[Hints: “heterosexual” vs. “gay”; “turnabout,” as if the names of homosexuals had been published on a website–can you even imagine the fallout if such a thing did happen?; the list was published to “encourage discussion”]

I would be glad to be called a “breeder;” it only highlights the moral deficiency of homosexual sex.

On a similar note, my home state’s supreme court upheld the ban on same-sex “marriage.” Good for them. Hey, if New York and Washington can do it, anyone can! On the other hand, the illegitimate gov. tried to find a way around the ruling. Amazingly, the “governor” believes that marriage is a religious issue and not a government issue! “State government provided us with certain rights and responsibilities, but the state did not marry us.”

In fact, the state does recognize your marriage (call it “marrying you” if you want) and regardless of what you do in church, without that recognition, your marriage is legally invalid. Seriously! How did this woman get into office again? Oh yeah, now I remember. What’s more, if it’s not a government issue, why are these people so worked up?


3 thoughts on “MSNBC=Missin’ Brain Cells

  1. Your point about the state not automatically recognizing a marriage is a good one. I have a friend who married three women in a Mormon polygamist sect. The marriages may have been valid under the laws of their church, but the state certainly didn’t recognize them.

    And I’m particularly cheesed at Mrs. Gregoire because she’s nominally Catholic, yet has fought long and hard against everything her church stands for, including trying to make it mandatory for Catholic pharmacists to sell abortifacients, for which the penalty is automatic excomunication. But in Washington, what can we do? The day we elect a Republican in statewide office will be the day Eastern Washington gets its own state.

  2. Regarding MSNBC.

    One thing to consider. It’s not always an issue of ratings and viewership that drive the station, so much as the money they receive from people supporting the message they present. Seems backwards, but it seems to be keeping News Shows like MSNBC in business.

    Air America is another example. It is well know that it doesn’t make money. Private funding rather than normal advertising is sure them in business.

    Likewise, MSNBC has such a low viewership that I can’t see how they pay their bills either.

  3. Joel, don’t give up hope! I think Rossi will run again, and I think he’ll win the third time out of four. Also, Mick McGavick has a good shot at winning against Cantwell.

    I think things may be looking up.


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