Where to Look

“The Lord’s Supper is about what God does for us, not what we do for Him. Because we are sinful, we will always be tempted to look for salvation within ourselves–but precisely because we are sinful, we cannot find salvation within ourselves. Such a search returns us to Mount Sinai. But the Lord graciously has given us a wonderful opportunity to be saved and to experience salvation in His Supper. We cannot ascend into heaven and grasp God, but He comes to us in Jesus’ incarnation, He who truly was Immanuel–God with us. As true God and man, Jesus laid down His life and saved us through His death and resurrection. Now in the Lord’s Supper, He gives us everthing His life, death, and resurrection accomplished. He brings heaven to earth” (Daniel Preus, Why I Am a Lutheran: Jesus at the Center [St. Louis: Concordia, 2004], 121).

2 thoughts on “Where to Look

  1. Is it correct to say that our salvation and faith are the result of God’s work alone?

    This contrasts with those who say, “You can’t just believe, you have to make a decision…”

  2. Faith and belief isn’t a decision we make. We can’t have belief or faith on our own. Therefore it is not really our decision.

    Here’s a way to look at this:

    Having heard the true Word, it is only through Christ (Holy Spirit) that we can believe faithfully.

    The damning decision is succumbing to temptation and “rejecting” that understanding.

    Think about this the next time speaking with an “unbeliever” or unfaithful person about this.

    Is it that they don’t know about Jesus and His message of sacrifice and salvation? Or, is it that they actually understand the message of Salvation through Christ alone, but reject it?

    MY POINT: In the latter case, these people still “believe” that Jesus said what He said. But what they do is take away, or add, elements of the message to suit their individual temptations. They don’t really loose their Faith, their Faith is actually taken from them.

    Does this mean we can be believers without Faith? hmm,..

    With the people I interact with, it is 100% the latter. Doesn’t matter what religion they profess, even atheism, they still know and understand the basic Christian doctrine of Salvation through Christ alone. They don’t actually reject the Word as much as they come up with excuses for why they don’t want to embrace the message.

    People in our day and age don’t want to accept a single solution to the question of salvation. It doesn’t fit with our multi-cultural social ideology. Therefore the birth and feeding of the Heterodoxy movements in American (and world) Christian churches.

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