Pictures from the Ralph’s Protest

Plan B Olympia (“STANDING UP FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS IN OUR TOWN”) has pictures at Flickr from their protest of Ralph’s Thriftway because Ralph’s won’t offer the Plan B abortifacient pill.

You just have to love the unintended irony of their signs. Here’s another of the “Stick to Lettuce” sign.

I don’t believe this lady has to worry about any violation of her “sacred” space. The juxtaposition of this protest and the blogger’s name…well, we’ll have to clean off the keyboard later.

Did they? Apparently they lost, because you’re here.

Hmm. Why do guys (for one) and those whose stolen symbol is the rainbow (for two) feel the need to support abortifacient pills?

A basic lack of understanding regarding human biology.

As far as I know, prayer is not related biologically to pregnancy. Sex, on the other hand, is.

I see only one argumentative jerk in this picture.

Once again, someone who doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

But we’ll make him one!


5 thoughts on “Pictures from the Ralph’s Protest

  1. Maybe you should have posted more of a warning for some of those picketeer pictures…scary 😉 Anyways, I did get a laugh from their unintended irony. I wonder if anyone has stopped and pointed out that their pickets actually argue against them. But then, I wonder who would have the time and patience to get the picketeers to begin to understand that those pickets and signs are very ironical (you remember that word, tutal?). Makes me wanna drive out to Ralph’s and buy all the Olies that my trunk, backseat, and passenger seat can hold.

  2. You should already know that any protest run by pro-aborters is going to get ugly–take it any way you want.

    How’s the new place, Keith?


  3. Weiil, I can’t resist posting just a little note here. I didn’t see any pictures of me in this series, but I was there (along with my wife) for some of this protest. Of course, we were just a few yards away counterprotesting the protesters, but the camera never got around to taking our pictures.

    You are absolutely correct about the signs, though. They just didn’t make much sense!!

    You might be interested to know that the letters to the editor in the local paper are about 2 to 1 in favor of Ralphs. (That’s not an actual count; just a guess.)

  4. “Why do guys (for one) and those whose stolen symbol is the rainbow (for two) feel the need to support abortifacient pills?”

    Speaking to the first part of this question, as a guy,..

    Because it encourages sympathy and attention from the opposite sex. Specifically someone who’s attention we wish to woo in our direction.

    Or, I could simply say, if the gals wheren’t out there the guys wouldn’t be wasting their time pursuing this nonsense.

  5. Yes, between the signs and the one cartoon that is linked to the plan B Olympia blog, it is truly amazing just how shallow, fallacious, and invalid is the argument they present. And that doesn’t even comment on the morality issue at stake.
    It is also interesting to me that these same people might one day be at another protest to protect someone’s right to free speech or privacy or what have you, yet they don’t seem too sympathetic to Ralph’s right to sell or not to sell what he chooses. Perhaps farmers should picket Ralph’s since he seems to refuse to sell John Deere Tractors.
    What it boils down to is that these folks don’t really believe in free speech, right to privacy, or any sort of freedom – they only believe in a world which runs according to their own standards. And of course the irony is that this is exactly what they accuse the “argumentative jerks” of doing.
    I was just in the Portland area for the last 10 days. Had I known this was going on I might just have cruised up there with a sign of my own. (Alot of good it would have done though.)

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