Coming and Going

People who stand firm on the side of life catch it coming and going. Whether they’re standing in front of a baby-butcher shop praying “Kyrie, eleison,” or holding fast on their right not to encourage promiscuity and lack of responsibility, they hear the same thing: You’re trying to “impose your sexually oppressive morality on the rest of the world.” Protesting abortion? Imposing morality. Being protested? Imposing morality. Asking for legislative changes? Imposing morality.

Of course, the major assumption is that imposing a particular morality is a bad thing. In fact, it would be hard to convince most people throughout history that a morality that condemns the killing of children for the sake of convenience is a bad thing.

Apparently it does not qualify as “imposing morality” when abortion is enshrined as an infallible pronouncement of the Constitution of the United States. What, me impose? Or there’s the contraceptive mentality (read: culture of death) of the Western world, which inhibits taking responsibility for one’s actions. Hey, if I can keep myself from getting pregnant and getting diseases (at least most of the time; and when I do get pregnant, I’ve got an easy solution to that, too. Genital herpes? Don’t worry, we’ve got pills so you can still have sex!), what is really stopping me from having sex whenever and with whomever I want? Frankly, your morality has already been imposed on my children and me, so shut up. Fear that your “morality” might be unimposed is what really drives you.

Joel, at On the Other Foot, has a picture of a protest flyer being circulated in my home town. Actually, sirs and madams, God has decided for you. If you want to reap the harvest of your disregard for His will, that’s your choice. Don’t come whining back when things don’t turn out as planned.

[Here’s a picture in a set of the protest. “Stick to Lettuce”? Isn’t that what these people are trying to prevent Ralph’s from doing?]

Despite its idiocy, I still miss Olympia. Plus, it’s about 30 degrees cooler there!


One thought on “Coming and Going

  1. ,..impose “your sexually oppressive” morality,..

    Morality is now oppressive?

    An obvious logical contradiciton. Unless one has alread decided they don’t want to believe.

    But wait,.. aren’t they trying to impose their morality by eliminating mine? Why is it okay for them to impose their morality, but not okay for me to impose mine?

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