A Rebirth of Sorts

I commend to you the new inblogation of a good friend of mine at Cross Theology.



7 thoughts on “A Rebirth of Sorts

  1. I have heard the call in the night from B’sA. Sorry, I have been somewhat busy moving and having hands laid upon me. Good to hear from you, Scott.

  2. Nice to hear from you finally. I knew you’d be busy setting up shop in your new place, but I figure you’ve got to have something interesting to post what with all the goings on.

    Wanted to see if you’re going to implement the B’sA’s church plan, which apparently consists of no confirmation and no Bible studies (w/o you present), or something like that.

    Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that I’ve finally gotten around to checking out “Lost”. Jack and I will finish up season 1 tonight, then we have to wait until season 2 is released on DVD in sept. It’s definately held my interest. Pretty good for a non-HBO show.

  3. I think BA has some good insights on those issues, but I also like Paul’s advice about “patience and careful instruction.” For the moment, the Lord’s Supper and worship is the field of play that most matters in this tiny parish. Thanks for wondering.

    And…if you want another pretty good “not HBO” show, check out 24. We just started the fourth season on DVD. Fairly addictive that is!

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