2 thoughts on “The Irony of Life and Death

  1. I’m not just here to disagree so I should comment on this post.

    I was never comfortable with people making a decision to end life, even in a case which was as hopeless as Terry Schiavo’s seemed to be. The other thing that bothered me about that case was all the people that opined about living a life like that and it not having value. But we really don’t know, and the life of the soul doesn’t depend on the body or what the body can do in my understanding.

    So, if there are new treatments for what seemed like hopeless cases and those treatments give people pause before they pull the plug or tubes, I guess that’s for the better.

  2. Since most secular doctors and scientists do not believe that we have a “Soul”, there is no reason for them to believe that a brain-damaged person may still actually be alive.

    They just do not view life in the same way we do. In their view, if the brain appears dead and the individual can no longer communicate with us, then they have lost their value and identity as an individual. They are then just so much meat and tissue, and no longer human.

    For people with this world view, it is very easy to “pull-the-plug” on a body that they consider to be already dead.

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