The “2%”

More people seem to be joining the two percent (according to David) of people in the United States who agree with me about Feminism. Quicunque vult has comments here, here, and here.

And Kellyanne Conway bites back here at NRO.

And Dawn Eden cites Daniel Mansueto here.

And then (how could I forget?) there’s Ladies Against Feminism.

Apparently the 2% is growing (or it wasn’t quite that small to begin with–I know, I know, hyperbole and all that; I’ve heard that self-applicable statements are all the rage now).


3 thoughts on “The “2%”

  1. Tim,

    I don’t think you understood me.

    I think it’s a very small minority of women that are the type of feminists that want to remove any differences between men and women.

    The vast majority of those we consider feminists still want children, still get married, many even still change their names after marriage and so forth. To them, women’s issues concern practical things like health insurance, protection from discrimination, adequate incomes and so forth.

    Perhaps the ranks of the extremists are growing, but I don’t know what to do about that.

  2. My point is, it may indeed be the vast majority of those you consider feminists, but not of those I consider feminists–or who even want to apply that title to themselves. More and more young women do not call themselves feminists because the name conjures up images of angry, self-hating, man-hating wackos.


  3. Tim,

    If you’re criticizing women who are self-hating, man-hating wackos only, then I don’t disagree with you.

    What’s more interesting to me about your point is that many women who eschew the feminist label means that most modern advocates of women’s rights are being discerning about what they support (equal opportunity and equality under the law) versus what they don’t support (the loss of distinct female identity and all that goes with it such as motherhood, etc.).

    Now I recognize that there is much you disagree with in even the most mainstream feminist/women’s rights politics.

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