This is the Right Kind of Ecumenism

You may have heard that President Kieschnick is part of the Religious Coalition for Marriage and signed the letter calling for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

I e-mailed my Senators with this form here. If you’re so-inclined, you might do so as well. (It automatically sends your e-mail to the right Senators when you fill in your information.)

While Christians recognize that God is explicit about His will for the family, we do not even have to use religious arguments in favor of God’s design. The very fact that it is His design for His creation should remind us that God’s will is built into the fabric of His creation and is therefore simply the way things should be. The evidence of this is found in the destruction that divorce, promiscuity, adultery, pornography, and homosexual behavior bring to the institution of the family. Plus, there are these arguments. Natural Law is the way to argue this, and the government, being the Left Hand of God to restrain sinners, should certainly enforce that Law.