The Next Great Hymnal


Learn all about Lutheran Service Book at this site.


2 thoughts on “The Next Great Hymnal

  1. I’ve looked at the divine services and from my amateur opinion, it looks okay and it’s nice to see that they’ve indicated where passages in the liturgy come straight from biblical verses.

    I think it’s great to see what is essentially TLH p. 15 in the latest Lutheran hymnal.

    From what I hear, the effort to produce a new hymnal in the ELCA is not going to produce nearly as good a product. Sad to say.


  2. Not exactly what everyone wanted, but many very nice features to make it more user friendly for the average person.

    I’m most excited to see what they did with the new musical scores for the hymns. I always thought the musical scores in the Blue Hymnal where weak compared to the Red one.

    Does anyone have a link to musical exerpts from the Hymns in this book? I didn’t see any on the web page, maybe I just looked in the worng place.

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