Now You’ve Gone Too Far

The UCC’s ads tout their wonderfully warm welcomes to all comers–especially those (r)ejected by all other churches (you know, blacks, homosexuals, single mothers)…unless, of course, you question their use of finances.

The TV advertisements aired by UCC headquarters and supported by the Venice church, proclaim, “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

And the Venice church’s monthly bulletin adds, “We do not condone anyone ever being ejected from his or her church.”



One thought on “Now You’ve Gone Too Far

  1. Hmm,.. they must have learned this from the Mormons.

    They don’t kick people out, but they make it very uncomfortable. LDS church (using the term loosely) gathers yearly income information from members and if they don’t pay their full 10% they loose temple privileges.

    During my time behind the Zion Curtain I observed neighbors banned from attending their niece’s temple wedding simply because they where behind on their tithing. It was very traumatic for them to have to choose between food for their kids and tithing to the church.

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