Vote in 2008

If former mayor of New York Rudolph Guliani earned the Republican nomination for President of the United States in two years, would you vote for him?


15 thoughts on “Vote in 2008

  1. Depends. From what I see of the opposition candidates, I would. But I do not expect Guliani to get the nod in the primaries. I do not have a feel yet for who will.

  2. I don’t plan on voting Republican in 2008, but Giuliani would have the best shot of getting me to vote that way.

  3. I’d far rather vote for Romney, given the choice. However, if Hillary ends up running as the Democratic candidate, I’d be willing to vote for a retarded trilobyte if that was the alternative.

  4. As the resident Democrat here, let me state my opposition to nominating Hillary. Notwithstanding her success in New York, I think she is not gifted politically. An example of her political clumsiness are her positive statements about George Bush when his numbers are tanking. I don’t see adeptness as one of her qualities and I think that will keep her from getting nominated.

    As for her stands on issues, I am basically in agreement on most of them. Which means that if she does get the nomination, I will vote my my troglodyte before I vote for the Republicans’.

    But you kinda knew that already. ;o)

  5. David, maybe we should ask you this. Which Republican would you least like to see running against your prefered candidate? And who is your preferred candidate?

    I won’t sharp-shoot you on this. I’m genuinely curious.

    I can think of one or two Democrats I would prefer to vote for over some of the possible Republican candidates.

  6. No, I would not vote for Guliani, because he ignores the rights of 1.6 million Americans who die every year. AKA, he’s anti-life (pro-choice).

  7. Probably McCain would be the most difficult Republican to beat if only he can get the nomination. I think the other Republican that would have a shot of winning is Chuck Hagel. These are maverick’s and they don’t usually get nominated by Republicans, but they do well in the gneral.

    My favorite Republican is Richard Lugar. Not flashy, just smart, sensible and honest.

    I think the best Democrat to run is the Governor of Montana, Schweitzer. Among the expected candidates, Gore or Edwards would be the strongest in my opinion.

    Even though I support the Democrats, I always hope that the Republicans nominate the best candidate no matter what because that person might become President.

  8. I don’t see either McCain or Hagel getting the nod. McCain is too independent. I’ve met Hagel. I wouldn’t vote for him unless he is running against someone like Gore or Edwards. But I don’t think Gore or Edwards will get the nod either.

    Schweitzer is an interesting choice, as is Lugar. I would vote for either of these over the other’s we already mentioned.

  9. I like the latter choices too. But I’m very good at picking the guy who comes in 2nd and this is why I’m often disappointed.

  10. As the Republicans have been impotent in their power to do much good, and democrats still support slaughtering children, and libertarians are too anti-nomian for my taste, and greens are too weird.. . I’m finding myself without any party I can really align myself. Yeah, I’ve pretty much lost any kind of confidence in the American political system, it’s just one big inefficient juggarnaught.

  11. I’m finding myself without any party I can really align myself.

    It is something more and more common, from what I perceive. In my own country, recent surveys have shwon that 72% of the pepole do not recognize themselves in the current political offer, and the same tendency is genral in Europe. Many of my friends tend to vote AGAINST a certain political line instead of FOR somenone or a given program. I have done it too. But I am sure this general dillusionement is hurting our democracies.

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