First Westerns, Now Kingdoms

Had a problem with two male cowboy lovers? How about two male princes who live happily ever after?

All I can say is educate your children, lest the public schools do it for you. (And you don’t have to take your children out of public schools to do it. In fact, I think we need more salt and light there, not less.)

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3 thoughts on “First Westerns, Now Kingdoms

  1. I’ve been wondering (in a hypothetical sense, since I don’t have kids) if it would be right to put them in a public school. I went through public school, and seemed to come out ok, but then I was in the middle of Nebraska. But would I really put my kids into a public school–especially one in a big city?

    Every year there are just more and more reasons not to. Of course, the evolution thing has been around for a while. But now there is all sorts of political correctness, outright promotion of sinful lifestyles, plus just a lot of bad teaching. Do you really want to send your child to school and have to then debrief him or her at the end of the day? Try and correct all the wrong stuff they picked up? At what point is a line crossed where you just decide to put up the money for a private school you trust, or teach them yourself?

    Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of good public schools and school teachers out there, and I really like the idea that everyone gets a free education. But every year you see and hear how much more is being spent on education and how little we are getting from it.

    scott adle

    p.s. As a side note, I’d just like to point out that they always want more money spent on computers and technological “advances” inside the classroom, as if proper education couldn’t take place without them, or that they are a great help. Is this really true? Until what, 25 years ago? they didn’t use computers in the classroom and managed to get by. I don’t see the reasons for spending so much on something that I don’t see as that necessary for most education.

  2. I am fortunate that my kids can attend private Lutheran grade school.

    I did not have such an opportunity. While my experience in a rural public school wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t anything compared to what kids are indoctrinated with now.

  3. I can remember a couple key lessons I learned in public school:

    1. A baby isn’t a baby until it comes out of the mother.

    2. If you believe in God, you have either a mental problem or an inferiority complex. (A quote from my teacher: “Why do you need a mythical sky-pixie to validate your existence?”

    That was 5th grade and probably the last time I called myself a Christian until I was 20.

    All I can do is feel sorry for those hell-bound pawns of satan.


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