Work, What Work?

Apparently, stay-at-home moms actually do some work! $134,121 worth, speaking capitalistically.

This mother doesn’t seem to get it:

“Every husband I’ve ever spoken to said, ‘I’m keeping my job. You keep yours.’ It’s a tough one,” said Gillian Forrest, 39, a stay-at-home mother of 22-month-old Alex in New York. “I don’t know if you could put a dollar amount on it but it would be nice to get something.”

Nice to “get” something? How about training kids “in the way they should go”?

[Seen at Worldmagblog]


One thought on “Work, What Work?

  1. Chalk up another victory for the fruits of the femenist poison.
    I am so glad that my mom loved her 5 children UNCONDITIONALLY. She never said “So what’s in it for me?” I guess loving us and raising us right was reward enough. I wonder if such selflessness can have a dollar value put on it? I doubt it because you can’t BUY character.


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