“Powerful Deterrent”

This country, too, is seized with collective paranoia. President Bush knows, as Ferdinand, Isabella and Torquemada knew, that constant warnings about secret terrorists are a powerful deterrent to dissent and a useful tool for consolidating political power.

So that’s why there is no dissent in this country! Yep, everyone marches in lockstep to the President’s iron-fisted will to power. Probably, James Reston has already been arrested. Be careful, you could be next. Karl Rove is watching…


2 thoughts on ““Powerful Deterrent”

  1. This kind of gradiosity doesn’t convince anyone. Perhaps it convinces true believers. I don’t like Bush, but when I hear these comparisons, I pretty much change the dial (from Air America) to something else. Boring hyperbole.

    I don’t think Bush is Hitler or Hitler like. I think he’s a crummy president based on his policies. But Hitler-like? Nah.

  2. The problem is that this editorial wasn’t on Air America. It was in USA Today, one of the most widely-read papers in the nation.


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