On the Other Hand…

…speaking of those who are usually classified as “liberal,” (but since that word has little or no concrete meaning, we’ll just call the people I’m talking about the “Homosexual-Special-Rights-Kill-Grandma-and-Baby-Keep-Your-Religion-to-Yourself-Every-Little-Thing-Offends-Me Death Lobbyists”):
The guy behind BlameBush! has some wicked satire about using your child to make a statement. Best lines:

I was struck by how thoughtful and open-minded gay families are compared to heterocentric ones. By using their own children as weapons in the war against the Christian Right, same-sex couples make the world a better place for all of us. Hetero couples, on the other hand, procreate for purely selfish reasons and their offspring serve no political purpose whatsoever.


One thought on “On the Other Hand…

  1. People should not make puppets of their kids to spread their politics. Just seems unseemly to me.

    I could understand taking one’s kids to something that the child voices a concern about, but sometimes it’s clear that it’s the parents doing the motivating and I’m not comfortable with that.

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