I’m Glad My Mom Isn’t Angry

There are far too many things about this article that scare me. [article seen on No Government Cheese] (This is, by the way, far scarier than Silent Hill, which I saw last night. I’m not recommending it, but it is the most provocatively thoughtful “horror” movie I think I’ve seen.)

I wonder why there are many “[expletive]’s” in the article, but “good goddamn” doesn’t merit one?

But the most disturbing part about the whole article is this section:

Her husband, Adam, who works as a lighting technician in Hollywood and is generally calmer about things, comes in from the kitchen. “I have an announcement,” he says.

“The disposal is fixed?” she says.


She gets up, hugs him, comes back, sits down, checks the latest responses.

Nearing 50 now.

The front door opens and in comes her 6-year-old son, Terry, home from school, who starts batting around a blue balloon at the other end of the living room, batting it closer to her, closer, closer. She searches through her iTunes library until she finds one of her favorite downloads — not music, but a speech by a character named Howard Beale in the movie “Network.” She presses “play” and turns up the volume. “I want you to get mad!” Beale shouts at one point. “I want you to get mad!” she shouts along, startling Terry. “What?” he says, backing away with his balloon.



2 thoughts on “I’m Glad My Mom Isn’t Angry

  1. I was hoping this article was satire like the previous post. Sadly, it’s not. Even worse, there are many people that agree with her. Not hundreds, not thousands, but at least tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. There’s no way to straighten them out either. There’s no debate with someone like that.

    I was talking with Pastor Curtis the other week and he pointed out something like people have a need for religious type belief. Since these people don’t believe in God, they focus it somewhere else. This is their religion.

    It also may shed some light on why they are so angry, and where they place their trust. If one doesn’t believe there is a God, then humans (or maybe nature) and human organizations are where you have to put your trust. Maybe why they have traditionally favored government answers to major problems, or else large organizations like the UN. People are poor? Start a government program. People are being oppressed? Make a law against it. People not thinking like you? Get an education program going.

    Then, if someone who they don’t agree with takes control of the place where they put their trust, they get crazy mad. If someone hijacked your god and made him do things you didn’t like, how would you react?

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