Looking for One to Look Up To

From your experience, does this sound right?

“Few women will admit the need to look up to their husbands, but few are happy if they cannot. Though Hollywood and women’s magazines would have us believe otherwise, women rarely date significantly younger men. Perhaps they would if they could–if younger men found them attractive–but I doubt it. Most women still look for men to take care of them” (Jennifer Ferrara, “Austen’s Powers” in Touchstone [March 2006], 20).

One thought on “Looking for One to Look Up To

  1. Looking up to someone is synonymous with respecting them.

    Women desire to respect their husbands, but this also goes hand-in-hand with husbands also respecting them in return.

    I our world cultures, which generally marginalize women, a husband who truly respects his wife is actually a bit rare.

    Likewise. Finding a culturally correct woman who doesn’t disdain all men simply because they have never met one they respect, is also a bit rare.

    Point to this story:

    Women generally look for a respectful relationship first (to be happy). In the absence of respect they look for security, hence they often seek out older men with a history of worldly success (but not expecting to be happy).

    Men generally just look for the hottest babe they can find.


    Men. Don’t marry a woman you don’t respect. No matter what a hottie she is. If you can’t respect her, she ain’t never gonna come to respect you.

    Women. Younger men probably won’t respect you any more than an older man would. But if you find one that respect you and you can respect him back, then good for you.

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