Good Music Siebzehn

This year is going to be one of the best for music in a long time. Four of my favorite musicians are releasing albums this year. I’ve already posted about Jeffrey Foucault (why haven’t you bought that album yet?). Now Josh Ritter (listen to the entire album–The Animal Yearshere!)–again, I’m thinking “Thin Blue Flame” is the best song of the year; instant classic–, Bill Mallonee (Permafrost), and Woven Hand (Mosaic) are set to release their new albums. Good. And Good.


One thought on “Good Music Siebzehn

  1. Tim,
    Try Nine Black Alps, who are playing April 11 at Blueberry Hill. Punk riffs abound, but they also have some soulful acoustic tunes. Good stuff. I was really, no really, surprised with the album, since I purchase it thinking I had gotten–I know, I know–A Nine Inch Nails CD.
    The Cheech

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