The Family Shall Stand

“The growing and apparently insatiable hatred of the modern world for the traditional family parallels its rejection of God, of the Holy Trinity in whose image we were created. The war presently being waged against the human family is a war against the order of being and against God himself” (Jean-Marc Berthoud, “The Family in Theological Perspective,” in The Religion and Society Report [March 2005: Vol. 22 No. 2], 5).

2 thoughts on “The Family Shall Stand

  1. Tim seems to know what pushes my buttons, so here goes another rant:

    The hatred of the family is focused directly at the most innocent among us, or more specifically aborting the seemingly most innocent among us. But what we are really doing is messing around with the miracle of life and the natural order of life and death. The pollution / environment issue is similar in that we are messing around with the natural order of life and death of the environment.

    On one hand we argue that abortion is about rights. On the other hand we cry bloody murder and gnash our teeth if any element of nature is damaged. Which is it; is it about right to death, or about right to life?

    Having said that, let me ask this:

    Is life and family a right to be taken for granted, or a gift to be cherished and fostered?

    With that in mind, is our cultural worry over global environments really about stewardship, or is it really about power plays in pursuit of political agendas?

    When we reject God, there is nothing left for us to seek other than power. whether money, politic, lording over others, or whatever, it becomes about power and personal fulfillment.

    And in this world-view of environmental responsibility, we really see nothing more than the secular world building an earth-altar to themselves.

    {whew, rant off}

    Back to the previous palm tree thread.

    The point of the Easter article and the quotes from the Baptist Pastor were not about Christ and what Christ does for us, but about what he and his church are doing for the rainforest. Very much an earth centered agenda.

    I think, Tim, you should very much be sarcastic about the article. The pastor and congretation in question may have appropriate Christ centered motives, but the article certainly didn’t portray it that way.

  2. Is life and family a right to be taken for granted, or a gift to be cherished and fostered?

    Well, it’s both!! Life and Family ARE rights that should be taken for granted; that is, they should not be threatened by moral revisionists or any form of Big Government. This is a necessary condition to the survival of healthy societies, according to natural law.
    And because healthy familes are necessary to a healthy society, they should be protected and valued by those same societies.

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