Twice Around

It’s been a little over two years that we’ve been doing this (technically, the first post was on March 24, 2004). Just thought I’d say thanks to the 32, 869 who have visited in the last year (as of 11:47 am CST).

In the last two years, we’ve posted 875 posts (876 with this one) and we’ve had 2989 comments. Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Twice Around

  1. The name of this Blog is an automatic draw. Especially to people like me. B’cause if Balaam’s Ass could speak, then I should be allowed to speak-out like an ass now and then also.

  2. Thanks, although of course we’re just students now. But Michael will be “Pastor” in a few months. (I’m staying for my STM.)


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