Good Music Sixteen

I believe Jeffrey Foucault is incapable of writing a bad song. As soon as you see Ghost Repeater in the store, do not hesitate–buy it. Or buy it now online.

I happened upon his music by accident when I went to see Peter Mulvey in concert here in St. Louis. Jeffrey opened for him, and I bought Miles From the Lightning as soon as I found it. It was the song “Thistledown Tears” that struck me the hardest. Live, the song is unbelievable. I got Stripping Cane as soon as it came out. This guy is genius. (There are some MP3s at his site. You’ll be hooked.)

“Churchbells ringing in the pounding wind
Ringing the dead men to rise up again
There’s dust comin’ in at foot of the door
The moon and the tide and the earthly shore
The pull and the spin of a timed out reel
Hearts made of flint and words made of steel
The wind comes down off the Texas plain
Abel’s calling to raise up cane” —“Thistledown Tears”

[Now drinking: Kaldi’s “Supersonica” (33% more caffeine!)]



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