Apes and Humans

The St. Louis Zoo has killed one of its animals. Apparently, arthritis had caused the orangutan to stop moving around much. One zoo official says, “It’s like losing a really close friend. They share so many characteristics with us and we developed very close bonds. It’s a very difficult decision to make, but I think we made the right and kind decision.”

Yes, we are talking about an ape in this story, but the way society is headed, I wouldn’t be surprised if a human being in the future decides to die over a severe case of arthritis. And I wouldn’t be surprised if our society approves of such a death.

7 thoughts on “Apes and Humans

  1. The current multi-cultural religious viewpoint embraced in politics and law is Secular Humanism.

    Everything is relatively equal. Mankind has no more right or status to live or die than any other species. Mankind is the only “animal” that actually “chooses” (or has the capacity to choose) to die. It makes perfect sense to allow people to, effectively, commit suicide. And/or allow authorize other people to kill/murder them (assisted suicide).

    After all, it’s already legal to abort (a nice word for euthanize) babies at the discretion of the mother. Why is it illegal to euthanize the elderly, sick, and pain wracked at their own request?

  2. “It’s a very difficult decision to make, but I think we made the right and kind decision.”

    I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere. Can’t recall where. hmm


  3. Hmmm, let’s see, asissted suicide, hmmm, now I think I heard something about that when I lived in Oregon— hmmmm— let me think— something like “A right to die—” and “Death with dignity—”

    They’re noting but apes with arthritis— They are saying “when” and “how”— for some reason, I thought it wasn’t for us to decide such things (with the exception of capitol punishment.)

  4. Just to clarify, your problem isn’t with putting down animals is it? We had to put a dog down because it had arthritis and was having a tough time eating too. There’s one big differene, it is an ANIMAL.

  5. tutal,
    You’re right; the problem is with those who can’t seem to tell the difference between animals and humans.


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