Will There Be Silence?

If the trial of an Afghan man is allowed to continue to its likely end (execution), what will be the international consequences for Afghanistan? The press has it; it’s not being ignored. The president of Afghanistan has said he will not intervene. The pressure’s going to have to come from Afghanistan’s friends, namely, at the least, from the U.S. Or is state-sponsored persecution ok? Of course, how much have we done in other parts of the world where Christians (or other religions, for that matter) are routinely persecuted? A lot of questions without a lot of answers.


One thought on “Will There Be Silence?

  1. This kind of thing isn’t unique. Stories like this are squelched all the time in our media. Second time I’ve seen this story on the blogs this week, and I’m surprised it made it this far.

    I’m not okay with it, it’s a bad thing. Just commenting against the “fair and balanced” news we get.

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