Very Strange, and Very Bad

It seems that Scotland finds nothing troubling about requiring Roman Catholic schools to hire, not simply non-Catholics, but unbelievers to teach in Roman Catholic schools. What? Forget intrusion of Church into State, this is the worst kind of intrusion of State into Church. Neither is good; this is worse.

Of course it’s discrimination! We discriminate all the time. I wonder if Scotland would require an school run by atheists to hire a Roman Catholic? Or how about a homosexual school to hire someone who believes homosexuality is an abomination? Or a flat-earth society to hire someone who believes the earth is round? The absurdities are endless…

Can’t believe I didn’t think of it (my wife did), but even more apropos would be the idea of forcing a Muslim or Jewish school to hire a Christian to teach. I’d like to see that happen in any European country!



2 thoughts on “Very Strange, and Very Bad

  1. Speaking of absurdities, do we now need an official “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to protect from discrimination based on the “religious-orientation” of teachers?

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