Missed this in the news, but Jim Henderson, who runs the website Off The Map, had the winning bid for an atheist on eBay. [Read the Wall Street Journal article here.]

The atheist, Hemant Mehta, put himself up for auction saying that for every $10 of the winning bid, he would attend an hour of a church service. Whatever his motive (conscious or subconscious), Jim Henderson has him blogging (here and here) about churches from his site. At the very least, his observations are interesting. Not sure I’d want to give his organization $500 though.

Tell me what you think.



3 thoughts on “Buy-An-Atheist

  1. He has some interesting observations.. . especially the out Jesusfying others by putting your hands up in the air while singing.. . The thing is his “criques” are hardly of a true critical nature, as he tends to be intellectually dishonest in his approach of some presuppositions.. . So I really don’t see it as true reporting.. . just a person with an agenda already decided going into each situation.

    btw. elipsi are evidently seen as spam, so I can’t use my favorite form of stream-of-consciousness punctuation.

  2. Also found this:

    It would seem more important to me, if I were a believer, to hear about the story of Christ from a new angle or hear how a Biblical message is relevant to me. I only heard further explanation of why Christ is the son of god, which would seems redundant to me, if I were a believer.
    Second, why is it necessary to glorify Jesus if they said that simply believing that he died for our sins takes care of that part of the above equation?

    It almost sounds like he has read Forde and listens to Issues Etc. Even an atheist gets, without actually citing Forde, that explaination is useless and that a sermon needs to preach Christ and him Crucified proclaimed in a first person to second person dialogue.

  3. This is aethistic nonsensical foolishness. Intended to make churches, and religious people ingeneral, look silly.

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