Very Strange, and Very Bad

It seems that Scotland finds nothing troubling about requiring Roman Catholic schools to hire, not simply non-Catholics, but unbelievers to teach in Roman Catholic schools. What? Forget intrusion of Church into State, this is the worst kind of intrusion of State into Church. Neither is good; this is worse.

Of course it’s discrimination! We discriminate all the time. I wonder if Scotland would require an school run by atheists to hire a Roman Catholic? Or how about a homosexual school to hire someone who believes homosexuality is an abomination? Or a flat-earth society to hire someone who believes the earth is round? The absurdities are endless…

Can’t believe I didn’t think of it (my wife did), but even more apropos would be the idea of forcing a Muslim or Jewish school to hire a Christian to teach. I’d like to see that happen in any European country!



Missed this in the news, but Jim Henderson, who runs the website Off The Map, had the winning bid for an atheist on eBay. [Read the Wall Street Journal article here.]

The atheist, Hemant Mehta, put himself up for auction saying that for every $10 of the winning bid, he would attend an hour of a church service. Whatever his motive (conscious or subconscious), Jim Henderson has him blogging (here and here) about churches from his site. At the very least, his observations are interesting. Not sure I’d want to give his organization $500 though.

Tell me what you think.