Kingdom Assignment

ABC’s Person of the Week last week was Pastor Gary Marzolf of First United Methodist Church of Newton, Iowa. He gave out $100 each to 50 volunteers:

Marzolf handed each person a $100 bill and explained the assignment. “First, they needed to understand that this wasn’t their money but that it was God’s money,” he said. “Second, they needed to understand that this money was to be used to further God’s kingdom. The third qualification was that they had to come back to tell us what they did with the money.”

I think it’s an interesting proposition. The Church has, in large part, forgotten about the extra gifts that used to be brought forward for the help of the poor and the needy (the original Offertory). My only quibble is let’s not call it “furthering God’s kingdom.” Good works never do that. Let’s not call it “outreach” or “mission” or “evangelism.” Let’s simply call it “helping our neighbor,” and leave it at that. Helping those in need doesn’t have to be baptized, does it?

On the whole, I think it’s a pretty good idea. [Perhaps the GFBA, Lucilius, who sent it to me has a different take.]