Planned Parenthood Defeats Wal-Mart

About a month ago, we discussed whether Wal-Mart had the right NOT to sell the “morning-after” pill. Well, that discussion is now over as Wal-Mart has agreed to sell that pill in all 50 states. For all of you who thought Wal-Mart could stand against the pressures coming from abortion rights groups, what happened?
Wal Mart.bmp

5 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Defeats Wal-Mart

  1. They know when to stop trying to order back the tide. While it might be a valiant gesture to fight it out in 48 more states, it’s also a hideously expensive and ultimately quixotic one. Eventually, though, this will go to the Supreme Court, which is composed in such a way as to lean in favor of religious rights.

  2. I won’t even try to justify Wal-Mart’s actions. They’re just another powerful corporate entity looking at $$$.

    I think it’s about time we abandon this silly formula once and for all:

    (Wal-Mart =) USA = Patriotism = Christian = Republican = Pro-Life = blahblahblah

    Wake up!

    USA = Sinful Nation

    In God’s eyes, I wonder if the USA is part of the “Axis of Evil?” Hmmm.

  3. The arguments against hit a snag on the fact that “the pill” is prescribed for a variety of medical reasons other than birth control.

  4. Actually, Lucilius, I think you’re right to an extent. It WAS a business decision on Wal-Mart’s part, as its largely rural customer base tends to lean toward the conservative, and refusing to carry the morning-after pill was a positive step in the eyes of those consumers. I’m not a huge Wal-mart fan, but I do shop there, because it’s one of rather few choices in this town. Still, they went up a lot in my estimation for refusing to stock abortifacients, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

  5. Joel,

    I don’t know that the Supreme Court is going to lean in favor of “religious rights” so much as in THE religious right. 😉

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